Full name of first work : The Jam Part I - A History
Full name of second work : The Jam Part II - Long Live Rock & Roll
Name of artist : Michael Evans Keirstead
Medium : Pen and Ink
Technique : Stipple / Pointillism
Size of Original and Limited Edition Print : 8' x 4' (244 cm x 122 cm)
Size of open-run poster-sized Print : 3'6" x 1'8" (102 cm x 51 cm)

What is "The Jam"?

"The Jam" is a series of Rock music tribute prints. These major artworks are rendered in a Pen & Ink stipple technique called pointillism and depict the musical influences that shaped the evolution of Rock music. "The Jam Part I - A History" is the first in the series and chronicles Rock music from its first awakenings in the 1940's to its pivotal decades of the 1960's and 1970's.

"The Jam Part II - Long Live Rock & Roll" picks up where the first left off, and continues to document Rock music from the 1980's to the present. They are not mere photographic collages, but huge 8x4 foot stipple drawings that each took over five years to complete! Both pieces complement each other beautifully and look amazing placed side-by-side. The limited edition (LE) prints are large full-sized 8x4' reproductions while the smaller open-run prints are 3'6" x 1'8" and suit any sized wall or room.

"The Jam" series were painstakingly dotted using stipple technique. Stipple is when small dots, rather than lines or strokes, are grouped together to create shading and form. The farther apart the dots are, the lighter the tones; the closer together the dots are, the darker the tones. The technique allows drawings of an almost photographic quality to be executed. Stipple is an extremely difficult medium to work in, and to our knowledge an undertaking of this magnitude has never before been attempted in the modern day! By virtue of its theme, technique and size, it is an unprecedented work of art.

Canadian artist Michael Keirstead spent years selecting which musicians to include, working up the preliminary sketches, masterminding their compositional placement, and of course the painstaking hours of stipple work. "The Jam" series are each comprised of two main sections. The collage of musician faces is the artists' opinion of who the lead personalities are who have forged modern music. The border symbolizes the different aspects of the Rock & Roll lifestyle with poignancy and humour.

It is said that every picture tells a story. We feel these works of art tell a fantastic history. You can look at them for hours at a time and get deeper and deeper into them, seeing new people, new things, and new connections.

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