Name : Alanis Morrisette
Real Name : Nadine Morissette
Instrument : Piano, Vocals
Band : Solo
Anthem : You Oughta Know
Place of Birth : Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Status : Alive
Dates : June 1, 1974 -
Overty suggestive lyrics and lyrics informed by women's experience earned controversy and praise alike when Morrisette released "Jagged Little Pill" which went on to sell 28 million copies worldwide. Morrisette took some time off to travel to India returning with the release of "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie". 1999 saw her acting debut in "Dogma" and an accoustical performance on MTV. Her latest album "Under Rug Swept", was released in 2002. English class discussions of "irony" will never be the same...
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