Name : Beck
Real Name : Bek David Campbell
Instrument : Vocals, Guitar
Band : Beck
Anthems : Loser, Devils Haircut
Place of Birth : Los Angeles, California
Status : Alive
Dates : July 8, 1970-
Beck became widely popular in 1994 with his conjoining of Folk and Hip-Hop style. His first big hit was "Loser" in the summer of 1993. Most of the lyrics in this song are true as at the time Beck was living in a small shed infested with rats. After his big hit, many label companies offered him deals, but he eventually signed with David Geffen who reached Beck by personally calling him at home. Beck went on to make many more chart topping albums such as: "Mellow Gold", "Odelay", and "Midnight Vultures". Beck's live performances are a treat... this guy is also an insightful comedian with fantastic commentaries on the oddities of pop culture... no wonder really, as his parents were roadies for the Grateful Dead!
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