Name : Billy Idol
Real Name : William Micheal Albert Broad
Instrument : Vocals
Band : Generation X, Solo
Anthems : White Wedding, Hot in the City, Eyes without a Face
Place of Birth : Stanmore, Middlesex, England
Status : Alive
Dates : November 30, 1955 -
Inspired by the Sex Pistols, William Broad formed the band Generation X in 1976. They broke up in 1981 when he began his solo career and changed his name to Billy Idol. His career developed quickly during the 1980's and his most recent major his was "Cradle of Love" in 1990. The last major hit Idol had was in 1990, Cradle Of Love. In 1992 Idol was put on probation for two years after assaulting a "fan". This incident added greatly to his already rebellious image. Billy Idol is one of the still remaining punk icons.
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