Name : Bret Micheals
Real Name : Bret Sychak
Instrument : Vocals
Band : Poison
Anthems : Unskinny Bop, (Gimme) Somethin to Believe In
Place of Birth : Pennsylvania
Status : Alive
Dates : March 15, 1962 -
When Bret Micheals originally started the band with Rikki Rockett, supposedly Slash of Guns 'NRoses auditioned for the band but was not chosen. Enigma Records in 1985 signed Bret Michels' band Poison, and the following year they had their first hit, "Every Rose Has its Thorn", as well as three other chart toppers. Initially, Poison was dubbed a "glam band" but by the 1990's they simmered down dramatically. Bret Micheals has also been in the limelight for movie roles such as "A Letter From Death Row", which he wrote and co-produced.
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