The Collage

The inner part of "The Jam Part II" consists of a collage of 140 separate original stipple portraits of the musicians who shaped & who continue to shape the development of music today.

Each portrait is the artist's own impression using the pen and ink stipple method. Especially check out the groupings of the portraits. Musicians who played together are touching, and strands of musical influence can be traced through the artwork. The size of the individual portraits, their placement, and the detail in and around them are all significant and deliberate on the part of the artist, Michael Keirstead.

"The Jam" is bound to incite both controversy and agreement! Why is this musician larger that that one? What song or band enabled these musicians to be placed side by side? Who is this person, and why is that person missing? "The Jam" series of prints are great conversation pieces, and you can spend ages exchanging stories of which concerts you've seen, and what you were doing when various songs were released.

"The Jam Part II" depicts recent influences to the music scene and was completed in 2002. "The Jam Part I" depicts the roots of Rock & Roll and was completed in 1987. Check out Keirstead's first pointillism, "The Jam Part I".

"The Jam" prints are works that understand the heart & soul of Rock music, and when you order your copy, you'll be amazed at how much significance and information they contain. "The Jam" crosses cultures and brings generations of friends and family closer together. What an icebreaker! A fantastic addition to your stereo system!

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