Name : Courtney Love
Real Name : Courtney Love
Instrument : Vocals, Guitar
Band : Hole
Anthem : Malibu
Place of Birth : San Francisco, California
Status : Alive
Dates : July 9, 1965
Love created the band Hole in 1991, and the ex-stripper and actress became famous when she married the ill-fated Kurt Cobain of Nirvana in March 1992. Tragically, at the eve of her first album (Live Through This), Cobain committed suicide, devastating the albums' sales dramatically. The second album, "Celebrity Skin" was less successful as it did not have the grittiness of the first album. In February 2001 Love filed a counter suit against her record label, Universal. Universal alleged that she backed out of her contract, while she argued that her contract was unfair and that record companies act together as a illegal trust that forces musicians to sign unfair contracts. The possible winning of this suit could revolutionize the way record companies design contracts.
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