Name : Dave Stewart
Real Name : David Stewart
Instrument : Vocals, Songwriting
Band : The Eurythmics
Anthems : Lily Was Here, We Are to One
Place of Birth : Sunderland, Tynne
Dave Stewart started out in a band called the Tourists. In 1977 he met Annie Lennox, they began dating and Lennox was added to the band. By the mid 1980's the band split up and Stewart and Lennox formed The Eurythmics, which became the most popular band of the 1980's. When The Eurythmics split up, Stewart decided to go solo and put out a few albums, which unfortunately did not do as well as Lennox's solo career. Stewart was probably one of the finest songwriters of the latter twentieth century. He has worked with Carly Simon, Lou Reed, Mick Jagger, and Bob Dylan.
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