Name : Eddie Vedder
Real Name : Edward Louis Seversen II
Instrument : Vocals
Band : Pearl Jam
Anthems : Jeremy, Alive
Place of Birth : Evanston, Illinois
Status : Alive
Dates : December 23, 1964 -
Eddie Vedder first teamed up with the band Temple of the Dog to simply assist on vocals, but new group quickly congealed to become Pearl Jam. Their debut album "Ten" was an unbelievable success, and the stresses of touring brought Vedder to the edge of nervous breakdown. Pearl Jam performed on MTV, Unplugged, Lollapalooza II, and made a cameo appearance in the movie, "Singles". Vedder fronted with the reunited Doors during their Hall of Fame induction. Pearl Jam also holds the record for the most albums (7) to enter the Billboard 200 in one week after their release of a series documenting their 2000 American tour.
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