Name : Gary Cherone
Real Name : Gary Cherone
Instrument : Vocals
Band : Extreme
Anthems : More than Words, Get the Funk Out, Hole Hearted
Place of Birth : Malden, Massachusetts
Status : Alive
Dates : July 26, 1961 -
The original band members of Extreme were Gary Cherone and Paul Geary, but it wasn't until 1987 when two more band members joined (Bettencourt and Badger) that they signed a deal with A&M record label and made their vinyl debut ("Play with me") on the soundtrack to "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". Their next big hit was the simple love ballad "More than Words" which topped the charts in the U.S. After their break-up in October of 1996, Gary Cherone became the lead singer of Van Halen.
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