Name : Geddy Lee
Real Name : Gary Lee Weinrib
Instrument : Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
Band : Rush
Anthems : You Can't Fight It, The Spirit Of Radio
Place of Birth : Willowdale, Toronto, Canada
Status : Alive
Dates : July 29, 1953
Geddy Lee formed Rush is the late 1960s with Alex Lifeson and John Rutsey. The band is known for their epic songwriting and interest in science fiction and fantasy. In the mid 70s Rutsy was replaced by the new main songwriter Neil Peart. Rush was awarded by the Canadian Government the title of official Ambassadors of music in 1979. They became mainstream in 1980 with the surprise hit single, "The Spirit Of Radio". After a small break in 1996 they returned to record the album, 'Test For Echo". Lee has worked with ex-Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and ex-FM guitarist Ben Mink.
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