Name : Iggy Pop
Real Name : James Newell Osterberg
Instrument : Vocals, Drums
Band : The Stooges
Anthems : Search And Destroy, Lust For Life
Place of Birth : Muskegon, Michigan
Status : Alive
Dates : April 21, 1947 -
Iggy Pop has a career that spans three decades. In the late 60's Pop started a band called the Stooges, more known for their wild stage acts than their music. The Stooges' only major hit with Iggy was "Search and Destroy". After Iggy Pop's many problems with heroin and drug abuse, the band began to fall apart. With help from friend, David Bowie, Pop made his way just in time to see the arrival of punk, he put out many hits like "Little Johnny Jewel", and "The Idiot". During the 80's and 90's Pop put out several average albums. He has worked with Slash of GunsNRoses, and Kate Peirson of the B-52's.
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