Name : Jeff Martin
Real Name : Jeffrey Scott Brill
Instrument : bass, vocals
Band : Tea Party
Anthems : Leaning on Love
Place of Birth : Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Status : Alive
Dates : October 1, 1969
Jeff Martin founded the band Tea Party with school chums Stuart Chatwood and Jeff Burrows. Their sound is often compared with the likes of Led Zepplin and The Doors. In 1991 they signed with EMI Records and in 1993 debuted their first album "Splendor Solis". Subsequent albums are "The Edges of Twilight", "Transmission", and the indie "Alhambra". Singer-songwriter Jeff Martin writes intense lyrics referencing various philosophers, poets and lore of old. The group has adapted eastern-style percussions to a harder-edged industrial sounds, earning them a reputation as a more eclectic band. Tea Party is active in the White Ribbon Campaign to end violence against women.
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