Name : Joe Satriani
Real Name : Joe Satriani
Instrument : Guitar of course!
Band : Solo, Deep Purple
Anthems :
Place of Birth : New York
Status : Alive
Dates : 1956 -
Joe Satriani is a gifted and talented guitarist who has taught many popular musical artists such as Kirk Hammett (later of Metallica), Larry LaLonde (later of Primus), and Steve Vai. He has put out a few all-instrumental albums, ("Not of this Earth" and "Surfing with the Alien"), which highlight his amazing technical ability and have earned him the reputation as the "guitar player's guitar-player". Satriani has also assisted Mick Jagger in the late 80's on one of the Rolling Stones tours. For a short stint in the mid 90's Joe replaced the guitarist Ritchie Blackmore for Deep Purple while still continuing his solo career.
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