Name : Lemmy Kilmister
Real Name : Ian Kilmister
Instrument : Vocals, Bass
Band : Motorhead
Anthems : Don't Touch, Ace of Spades, Iron Horse
Place of Birth : Staffordshire, England
Status : Alive
Dates : December 24, 1945 -
Lemmy Kilmister and Larry Wallis originally started Motorhead in the late 1970's. Along with Eddie Clark they became the most famous hard rock trio ever, staying together for about 6 years until 1982 and than changing band members several times. Their most popular album was "Ace of Spades" in 1980 when the band was at the peak of their career. During the changes of band members, Kilmister made his acting debut in the comic strip film, "Eat the Rich". He also made a cameo appearance in "Hardware". In 1992 the band released the album "March or Die" which featured appearances by Ozzy Osbourne and Slash of GunsNRoses.
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