Name : Liam Gallagher
Real Name : Liam John Gallagher
Instrument : Vocals
Band : Oasis
Anthems : Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova
Place of Birth : Cheshire, England
Status : Alive
Dates : September 21, 1972 -
Inspired by The Carpets in 1989, Liam became the lead singer of the band Rain which was subsequently renamed Oasis. Joined by brother Neal in 1993 the band would always contain a sibling rivalry between the two. Initially it added an element of suspense and intrigue, but later it would provide the impetus for the band's eventual collapse. After being arrested in Australia for assaulting a fan, the band lost two of its members. The band continued to have trouble after the release of their fourth album, "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants", with brother Noel's indecision about staying in the band and eventual departure.
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