Name : Melissa Etheridge
Real Name : Melissa Etheridge
Instrument : Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Band : Solo
Anthems : Bring Me Some Water, Come to My Window
Place of Birth : Leavenworth, Kansas
Status : Alive
Dates : May 29, 1961 -
Even as a teenager, Melissa Etheridge was passionate about music and she began playing guitar and piano in several cover bands in Kansas. She then attended the Berklee College of Music before setting out playing the club scene in Boston. After relocating to Los Angeles, she was recruited by Island Records and wrote the music for the movie "Weeds". After the movie, she collaborated with her band members further to turn out two albums, the second having a guest appearance from Bono. Media obsession followed her upon her announcement of her homosexuality, and yet again in the speculation concerning the sperm donor of her child (who turned out to be David Crosby).
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