Name : Michael Stipe
Real Name : Michael Stipe
Instrument : Vocals
Band : REM
Anthems : It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine), Stand, Losing My Religion
Place of Birth : Decatur, Georgia
Status : Alive
Dates : December 17, 1958 -
One of the most influential bands in two decades, REM began what has become known as Alternative Rock. Beginning in 1980, REM was characterized by Stipe's odd onstage behavior and incoherent lyrics. Stipe began giving a political biting edge to his songs in the album "Life's Rich Pageant" which targeted what he saw as American amorality. The band saw continued success with "Green", "Out of Time", and "Automatic For The People". Despite their legendary status amongst the rock community, Stipe continues to be modest, if not aloof, to their impact on music.
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