Name : Neil Peart
Real Name : Neil Peart
Instrument : Drums, Lyrics
Band : Rush
Anthems : 2112, The Spirit Of Radio, Tom Sawyer
Place of Birth : Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Status : Alive
Dates : September 12, 1952 -
After becoming disillusioned with the music business while in England, Neil Peart returned to Canada in 1974. He played with a band called Hush. He has been greatly influenced by the author Ayn Rand, especially the book "Fountainhead". Neil Peart joined Rush in the mid 70's to play alongside Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. Rush has released over 20 albums and is a Canadian icon. Neil's awards include Modern Drummer's "Best Rock Drummer" for 9 years straight ('80 - '88), "Best Multipercussionist" for 4 straight years ('83 - '86), and is in MD's Hall of Fame. In conjunction with Rush, Neil has been awarded eight Juno awards, two Grammy nominations, and the Order of Canada. Peart is the author of two books, "Radiance Over the Rockies" and "The Masked Rider".
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