Name : Perry Farrell
Real Name : Perry Bernstein
Instrument : Vocals, Guitar
Band : Jane's Addiction, Porno for Pyros
Anthems :
Place of Birth : Queens, New York, New York
Status : Alive
Dates : March 29, 1959 -
Considered an alternative rock icon, Perry Farrell ('peripheral') formed the eclectic and wild band Jane's Addiction with drummer Stephen Perkins, guitarist Dave Navarro, and Eric Avery on bass. Known for his charismatic personality and high-pitched vocals, rock visionary Perry Farrell started the very successful Lallapaooza festival, at which many copies of "The Jam Part I A History" were sold! Jane's Addiction broke-up in 1992 and Farrell created the new band Porno for Pyros with guitarist Peter DiStefano and bassist Martyn LeNoble but the band never achieved the brilliance of Jane's Addiction. After numerous series of breaking up and being reunited, both bands ceased to exist by 1997. In 2001 Farrell released his solo project "Song Yet To Be Sung", featuring many alternative musicians. During the same year Jane's Addiction got back together to resume live work.
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