Name : Phil Anselmo
Real Name : Phil Anselmo
Instrument : Lead Vocals
Band : Pantera
Anthem : Fucking Hostile
Place of Birth : New Orleans, Louisiana
Status : Alive
Dates : June 30, 1968 -
Phil Anselmo became the new lead singer of Pantera in 1988, debuting on the album "Power Metal". The album took the band in a new musical direction towards what would become their trademark heavy thrash sound. Anselmo provided the vocals for the albums "Power Metal", "Cowboys From Hell", and "Vulgar Display Of Power" and contributed greatly to the band's increasing success. Anselmo has also worked on side projects Viking Crown, and Down. Viking Crown debuted with "Unorthodox Steps of Ritual" in 1999. Pantera is a powerful thrash metal group and has influenced bands such as Korn and Fear Factory.
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