Name : Shannon Hoon
Real Name : Shannon Hoon
Instrument : Vocals
Band : Blind Melon
Anthems : No Rain
Place of Birth : Lafeyette, Indiana
Status : Dead
Dates : 1967 - October 21, 1995
Shannon Hoon, Glen Graham, Roger Stevens, Chris Thorn, and Brad Smith started the band Blind Melon in 1989. Based in Los Angeles, Blind Melon only released a few albums, and did not receive recognition until 1992 with their hit single, "No Rain". The video was played continuously on Much Music and MTV and made its trademark "Bee Girl" very popular amongst various musicians, including Madonna. Their last album did very poorly, partly due to the fact that Hoon was in and out of rehabilitation for drug use. Unfortunately in mid-October of 1995, a heroin overdose took his life. Shannon Hoon also worked with Guns N Roses and sang back up on, "Don't Cry".
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