Name : Sid Vicious
Real Name : John Ritchie
Instrument : Bass, Vocals
Band : Sex Pistols
Anthem : Holidays in The Sun
Place of Birth : London, England
Status : Dead
Dates : May 10, 1957 - February 2, 1979
Originally a Sex Pistols groupie, he gained a reputation as their most fearful follower, which was clearly demonstrated at the 100 Club's Punk Rock Festival where he was involved in blinding a girl with a smashed glass. Replacing bass player Glen Matlock in February 1977, Vicious contributed heavily to "Never Mind The Bollocks - Here's The Sex Pistols". Addicted to heroin, he was unable to tour with the band in Brazil and was charged with murder on October 12, 1978 when his girlfriend was found stabbed to death in his hotel room. Released on bail, he died of a heroin overdose in early 1979.
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