Name : Steve Perry
Real Name : Stephen Ray Perry
Instrument : Drums, Piano, Guitar, and Bass
Band : Journey
SoloAnthems : Oh Sherrie, You Better Wait
Place of Birth : Hanford, California
Status : Alive
Dates : January 22, 1953 (or 1949?) -
Steve Perry joined Journey in 1977 and co-wrote many songs with guitarist Neal Schon. From 1978 to 1987, he had six multi-platinum-selling albums and seven Top 10 singles with Journey. After the band took an extended break from each other to pursue solo projects, Steve Perry produced the hit solo album, "Street Talk". It was the most successful solo album of the group as it contained the hit single, "Oh Sherrie". In 1992 Steve hooked up with Paul Taylor, Lincoln Brewster, Mike Porcaro and Larry Kimpel and recorded the album "Love of Strange Medicine" in 1994, proving that even after such a long break he still could achieve success. It debuted at number 15 on the US charts. He recorded a final album with Journey in 1999, "Trial by Fire".
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