Name : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Real Name : Stevie Ray Vaughan
Instrument : vocals, guitar
Band : Double Trouble
Anthems : Black Sheep, Pride and Joy, Couldn't Stand the Weather
Place of Birth : Dallas, Texas
Status : Deceased
Dates : October 3, 1954 - August 27, 1990
Stevie Ray Vaughan was an outstanding blues guitarist some have even said that he was one of the greatest guitarists to ever live. After playing at the 1982 Montruex Jazz Festival, David Bowie spotted him and hired him for his next album, "Let's Dance" in 1983. Later, Vaughan turned Bowie down for a world tour to record the Grammy award winning album "Texas Flood" instead. Stevie Ray released a few more albums and worked with Eric Clapton on his American tour. Vaughan was killed when his helicopter crashed into a hill in dense fog. He was returning to Chicago from Milwaukee after one of Eric Clapton's shows. Vaughan will be remembered as one of the ambassadors to the Blues.
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