Name : Tom Cochrane
Real Name : Tom Cochrane
Instrument : Vocalist, Songwriter
Band : Red Rider, Solo, guitar
Anthems : Life Is A Highway, I Wish You Well, White Hot, Don't Fight It, Lunatic Fringe
Place of Birth : Lynn Lake, Manitoba
Status : Alive
Dates :
Red Rider formed in 1976 in Toronto by Tom Cochrane as the lead singer along with fellow Canadians Rob Baker (drums), Peter Boynton (vocals, guitar) and Ken Greer (vocals, guitar), and later bassist Jeff Jones. The band released seven albums: "Don't Fight It", "As Far as Siam", "Neruda", "Breaking Curfew", "Tom Cochrane & Red Rider", "Victory Day", and" The Symphony Session". The band broke up in 1989 and Cochrane's solo career ignited with his first single in 1992, "Life is a Highway", it made its way to the US Top 10. In 1998 he released the mature "Xray Sierra" which proved again his songwriting capabilities. His solo albums include, "Mad Mad World", "Songs of a Circling Spirit", "Ashes to Diamonds: A Collection", and "X-Ray Sierra".
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