Name : Tommy Lee
Real Name : Thomas Bass
Instrument : Drums
Band : Motley Crue
Anthems : Dr. Feelgood, Without You, Smokin in the Boys Room
Place of Birth : Athens, Greece
Status : Alive
Dates : October 6, 1962 -
Recruited from the band Suite 19, Tommy Lee's success with Motley Crue gave him much notoriety. The band released several albums, their most popular, "Girls,Girls,Girls", and "Dr. Feelgood". Dr. Feelgood produced two hit singles, "Without You", and the title track. The press hounded Lee after his marriage to Canadian pin-up model and actress Pamela Anderson in the mid 90's. In 1999 Lee left Motley Crue to work with his own band, Methods of Mayhem.
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