Name : Zack De La Rocha
Real Name : Zacarias de la Rocha
Instrument : Vocals
Band : Rage Against the Machine
Anthems : Killing In The Name, Bulls On The Parade
Place of Birth : Long Beach, California
Status : Alive
Dates : January 12, 1970 -
Originally Rocha was in a band called "Inside Out", their last album they were going to produce was going to be named Rage against the Machine, but the band broke up before the album was complete, and so he decided to name his new band by that title. Through Rocha's music he made his issues known to the world, political, and public. Rage Against The Machine's biggest album was "Evil Empire", with such hit singles as "Down Rodeo" and "Bulls On Parade". Rocha left the band in 2000.
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